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O’Neill Ships $100,000 Mystery Bounty While Kerstetter Gets Engaged … to Poker … in a Restroom

Two enjoyable poker stories Where is the weirdest location you’ve played poker? I have multi-tabled my Sunday session in the empty tub of a London hotel. I when played poker whilst removing, pushing every hand frantically as my aircraft sped down the runway, thankfully winning the heads-up prior to I lost my 4G signal.

Jamie Kerstetter won a WSOP circuit ring from the women’ restroom

In 2020, Ryan DePaulo notoriously won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in the parking area of a Whole Foods shop. Including herself to the record of unusual poker victors, 2 nights back, Jamie Kerstetter won a WSOP circuit ring from the women’ restroom of The Wynn Hotel. As toilets go, it’s quite luxurious, however she was using her phone simply for the record. The WSOP has actually put us in a bowling street, however they still fix a limit prior to putting us in ‘the john.’

On the other hand, throughout the hall in the Wynn, there was a poker competition occurring. The Wynn was hosting a $1600 buy-in Mystery Bounty as part of its Millions celebration, and one Irishman was especially delighted he made the journey. He may have just ended up in 85th position in the competition, however Padraig O’Neill scooped the huge one when he pulled the $100,000 envelope from the drum.

The poker world is a major location with major amounts of cash being rearranged daily. It can be a vicious and in some cases cut-throat world however, periodically, it meals up some enjoyable stories. This is among those events.

Kerstetter acts one

Among the most popular individuals in the poker neighborhood, WSOP analyst and Twitter-pro Jamie Kerstetter, topped off an effective fortnight in the strangest of methods. Recently, she hung on to her title as the GPI Global Poker Awards ‘Twit of the Year.’ Today, she won her very first WSOP circuit ring from the convenience of … the girls’ toilet.

Occasion # 9 of the WSOP Circuit Online ensured $100,000 and drew an overall field of 246 entrants. When the dust settled, simply Jamie ‘DanBilzerian’ Kerstetter stayed, having face-kicked and balcony-thrown her competitors over 7 hours of play.

She had actually been multi-tabling, using WSOP.com on her phone whilst likewise playing the ‘Wynn Mystery’ Bounty. After busting the latter, she beinged in a coffee shop pondering whether to re-buy when unexpectedly she spun up a chip-lead stack in the Circuit Event. Needless to state, from there it got her complete attention.

Kerstetter commemorated with her pet Neutron

VegasSlotsOnline News connected to Kerstetter for more information on the uncommon situations behind her win. “I’m not gon na do your research for you, Lappin,” snapped Kerstetter. “Ask me some particular concerns.”

The following discussion took place.

VSO News: “Fine then. Just how much time did you invest in the toilet.”

Jamie: “I remained in the hand cleaning location, not in fact on the shitter! (LOL)”

VSO News: “This is on the record so I’m estimating you on that.”

I required a wall outlet someplace peaceful”

Jamie: “You’re the worst. Anyhow, throughout the last table, my phone got actually short on battery so I required a wall outlet someplace peaceful so that’s where I was when it ended. They state females invest excessive time in the bathroom. Possibly they’re simply grinding online.”

VSO News: “How did you commemorate?”

Jamie: “I went house to my pup Neutron. He was truly delighted for me.”

VSO News: “Does this mean he will be getting the swank doggy deals with next month?”

Jamie: “He constantly gets those. This simply indicates I get to consume too.”

At the very same time as Kerstetter was showered in splendor, hole cards were likewise respecting others in the real poker space of The Wynn.

Konarske and Rambo draw very first blood

The Mystery Bounty format is the funnest thing to take place to poker in a very long time. Sure, it alters poker more towards betting however so do a great deal of poker formats. There was going to be a Mystery Bounty at the 2020 WSOP however in its lack, the Wynn has actually effectively promoted the format.

The current edition belonged to the Wynn Millions celebration occurring today. The $1600 occasion got a tremendous 2103 entries with half the reward swimming pool going to the pay-out structure and the other half going to the Mystery Bounty swimming pool.

Konarske bagged $222,000 and Halpern got $200,000

The punch line for the very first Rambo film was “Heroes never ever pass away …” This appeared rather apt when Laszlo Nagy was gotten rid of in 3rd location and Eddy Konarske consented to slice up the $422,000 left in the reward swimming pool with Rambo Halpern. Konarske bagged $222,000 and Halpern got $200,000,

Despite these great paydays, Padraig O’Neill, an Irish pro who busted in 85th location for $5,000, wound up taking a few of the headings. The factor?

O’Neill gets cut a big cheque

Little did O’Neill understand the significance of the minute when he knocked out UK pro Rob Sherwood, calling blind versus blind with Seven-Eight off-suit for 7 huge blinds.

I will need to purchase Rob supper when I next see him.”

“There was a hold-up in between opening the envelope and understanding I had actually binked 100k,” O’Neill informed VSO News. “A reasonable couple of individuals have actually informed me that I looked a little underwhelmed. I can guarantee you that I was quite happy. I will need to purchase Rob supper when I next see him.”

It is reasonable to state that the space was buzzing with enjoyment when Day 2 began and the Mystery Bounties initially entered play. There were still 200 gamers left however everybody was engaged, offering the action their complete focus.

“Everyone was computing if a call or fold would imply covering or not covering brief stacks, O’Neill described. Players were sweating little pots in between other gamers much more than typical. I believe this idea is here to remain and can see every series having a secret bounty competition in the future.”

It’s tough to disagree with O’Neill, a previous European Masters of Poker champ who made a huge splash in 2021 when he won back-to-back Unibet Open Online Main Events. The perfectionists may not like them, however there is no rejecting the appeal of the brand-new Mystery Bounty format. In reality, I anticipate the very first online poker website to get market with this video game will gain substantial rewards.Source: vegasslotsonline.com

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