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The New Face of the Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn Hotel and Casino

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The New Face of the Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn Hotel and Casino

Paris Hilton and Las Vegas hotel and casino owner Steve Wynn have teamed up to make a huge investment in Las Vegas. A whopping $400 million will be spent on the development of one of the most well known hotels and casinos in the world. It’s an eye-opening project for the city that is trying to become a more economic powerhouse than it was in the past.

The plans for this large scale investment are not as much about making money as they are about prestige. It is only a matter of time before the hotel and casino empire grows out of the humble beginnings of Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn. The hopes are that it will set a precedent for the direction of Las Vegas.

Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn have already made a name for themselves. In fact, Paris Hilton is the figurehead of the hotel and casino business. She has won two awards from the Ritz Carlton for the most gracious and popular celebrity. When it comes to celebrities, no one has touched Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn’s streak of success.

There are many factors that determine the success of a casino and hotel in Las Vegas. One of the most important is the atmosphere of the location. Because Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn will be putting their money into Vegas, it will need to be a place where they can feel comfortable when they are there.

Another factor is the entertainment. Vegas has a very strong entertainment scene with shows like the Circus and Cirque du Soleil. Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn will also need an atmosphere that does not leave them craving things to do. They need to have a place to hang out at night and have a favorite show to enjoy.

Where will Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn be able to find the entertainment they need in the Vegas hotel and casino? Nowhere, that’s where. For such a large scale investment, Steve Wynn will be looking to the music industry.

Their first step into the Vegas hotel and casino industry will be selecting a musical superstar to be the new face of the Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn hotel and casino. The choice of one of the stars will dictate where the tourists are most interested in spending their money. That’s how important their first step into the industry will be.

With the help of a celebrity like Paris Hilton and Steve Wynn, Las Vegas is sure to get a boost in popularity and make a solid future for itself. The next time you’re at the ArcLight or Sahara, remember to take your cameras and pictures. We’ll be waiting to see what happens next!